The Taulia Success Guide

Imagine the possibilities. Take advantage of all the features Taulia has to offer.

Getting Started

If your company is new to Taulia, here are some initial items you’ll want to tackle.


Add other users

Account admins should invite colleagues to their Taulia account. Consider inviting the finance team, accounts receivables, credit department, and anyone else who manages purchase orders, invoices or payments.


Configure your email settings

Stay informed! Set up your email notifications. Each user will have full control over the emails they receive from Taulia.


Visit the Custom FAQ page

The Custom FAQ page in the supplier platform contains information curated to your customer’s implementation of Taulia. We recommend that you visit this page first anytime you have questions. You can visit support.taulia.com to view general Taulia help articles.


Explore Taulia features

Discover what you can do with Taulia! Please note that some features shown here may not be available in your account. Taulia customers add or remove platform features based on business needs. If you have multiple customers on Taulia, they each may offer a different set of platform features. Visit the Custom FAQ page in your account to learn more.

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Arandi Salas, L2 Support Engineer

Important Message

The Taulia Business Exchange Platform 07/17/2024

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The NA1 Taulia Business Exchange Platform is experiencing an unexpected issue. We are working quickly to resolve the issue. For the latest update, please visit and subscribe to status.taulia.com. Thank you for your patience.
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