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A non-urgent issue regarding help using the portal, user education, or general questions.

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An issue that is affecting your use of the portal, but has not stopped you from completing daily business transactions.

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A serious issue that is severely impacting your use of the portal.

If your request does not meet the Severity Level criteria as defined above, we reserve the right to reclassify it as appropriate.


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Important Message

eSend Invoices 06/22/2018

5:30 PM PST
eSend (PDF invoicing) - All known issue have been resolved. We will keep monitoring for further issues.
12:05 PM PST
eSend (PDF invoicing) - There was an issue with eSend invoices and a fix has been put in place. We are monitoring as the backlog gets processed. Until its caught up we will still see some delays in processing.

Early Payment Options 12/06/2017

If your customer offers early payment, Taulia just made it easier for you to get paid early with more flexible options!

+ Accelerate payment for a single invoice
+ Accelerate payment for all invoices
+ Accelerate payment for select invoices

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