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Q. What is the eFile invoice submission report?: 000003348

Article Number: 000003348

The eFile invoice submission report provides a status update on the invoices you uploaded through Taulia's integrated service. It is highly recommended that at least one person in your organization monitored the report and follows up on it. 

The invoice submission report is generated 2 hours after each submission. By default, all users will receive this report but it can be disabled by going to Settings > My Email Settings.

Each submission report describes any validation errors with your invoices. If a validation error occurs in the processing of an invoice, the Invoice Submission Report will provide the exact reason, so you can fix and resubmit your file.

Submission reports contain the following information:



Taulia Invoice ID

The identification number that Taulia uses to track your invoice in the Supplier Portal.

Invoice Number

The invoice number that is generated by your accounting software to track the invoice in your system.

Credit Indicator

Indicates whether the entry is a credit memo instead of an invoice. The Credit Indicator column can display either True or False.
If True, the item is a credit memo. If False, the item is an invoice.

Invoice Date

The date of the invoice. This date is taken from the invoice itself and may or may not be the same date as to when you submitted your invoices to your buyer.

Gross Amount

This column indicates the total amount of each invoice. The gross amount does not account for any Early Payment discounts that may or may not be offered through the Supplier Portal. The gross amount does reflect any taxes, rebates, or fees that were included in the original invoice.


Indicates the currency of the invoice. Typically, the currency described in the invoice is the same currency used in your geographic location. Your buyer may or may not use the same currency, depending on where your buyer is located.

PO Number

Indicates the purchase order (PO) number to which the invoice applies.

Date Received

The date that your buyer receives your invoice. Typically, this date is the same date that you submit your invoices through eFile.


Indicates whether or not the invoice has passed Taulia's validation process and is available for your buyer to review. If the invoice does not successfully pass Taulia's validation process, the invoice must be resubmitted. The reason for the invoice failing the validation process is listed in the Reject Reason section of the submission report.
If you do not fix the error and resubmit the invoice, your buyer will not be able to view the invoice in the Taulia system.

Reject Reason

If an invoice does not pass Taulia’s validation process, this is where you will find the rejection reason. After you correct your file, you will need to resubmit the invoice to your buyer. 


Indicates the customer, or buyer, to whom you are submitting your invoice. This column is included to make searching for and reviewing invoices within the Taulia system easy for both suppliers and buyers.


Indicates the supplier. This column is included to make searching for and reviewing invoices within the Taulia system easy for both suppliers and buyers.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


Q. How do I enroll/register to use the Taulia platform?: 000006479

Information on how to enroll to start using Taulia.

Q. How do I search for a PO/purchase order?: 000003615

Searching for purchase order information in the portal.

Q. How do I merge/combine my Taulia accounts into one?: 000003598

If you have more than one customer using the Taulia Portal and you need access to two or more accounts with the same login, you can combine your customers to one login.

Q. How do I add or deactivate users?: 000003731

You can manage your account users in the portal and provide different levels of access.

Q. How do I change user roles?: 000003385

Please note that only account admins have the ability to manage users and change user roles.

Q. How do I create a Credit Memo/Note to offset an over payment?: 000003334

Create a credit note for an invoice you have submitted.

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