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Q. My account is locked. How do I reset my password?: 000003590

Article Number: 000003590

Your account will lock if you enter your password incorrectly more than 5 times. You will need to reset your password in order to unlock your account.


  • Make sure that the email address you are using is valid/enrolled to use Taulia. If not, the password reset option will not work. If you are using a shared email address, reach out to the person that has access to the email inbox to check the password reset email.
  • Check and confirm that you are on the correct platform for the customer you are trying to access. Your login credentials and password reset request will not work if you are in the wrong platform. The two platforms are:

You can reset your password by doing the following:

 - From the login page, click Forgot Password:

User-added image

2 - Enter your Account Email Address and check the box “I am human”:

User-added image

  • For security purposes, the portal will not let you know if the email address is valid or invalid. Make sure that you are using the same email address registered for the portal.
  • Be sure to check the box "I am human". This security feature prevents automated hacks from getting into your account. 

3 - If successful, you will receive the password reset email in the email address that you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your password reset. Check I tried to reset my password but I am not receiving the password reset email if you are not receiving the password reset email.

If you continue to have issues accessing your account, c
lick here to contact Taulia Support.

Additional FAQs

Do I need to be enrolled in order to reset my password?

Yes. The password reset option will not work unless you are a verified and enrolled user. If you use a non-verified email account, you will not receive a password reset confirmation email. 

I am not a verified user. What should I do?

If your company is new to Taulia, contact your customer to receive an invitation. If your company already has an existing account, reach out to your account admin to be invited as a new user.

I tried to reset my password but it didn't tell me if my email is valid or not. Why?

For the security of your account, the password reset option will not verify if the email address you are using is valid. If you are not able to confirm the validity of the email address you are using, please contact Taulia Support. You will not be able to reset your password if the email address is invalid or not a verified/registered user.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


Q. How do I merge/combine my Taulia accounts into one?: 000003598

If you have more than one customer using the Taulia Portal and you need access to two or more accounts with the same login, you can combine your customers to one login.

Q. How do I start/stop receiving email notifications?: 000003472

Use the email notification settings feature to manage your email notifications.

Q. How do I download a payment report?: 000003471

You can download an XML, PDF or CSV report of single and multiple payments. This report will also show what invoices are paid under a specific payment remittance.

Q. How do I add or deactivate users?: 000003731

You can manage your account users in the portal and provide different levels of access.

Q. How do I add or update my bank account/information?: 000003497

Manage your bank information through the portal!

Q. How do I change my Taulia account's email address?: 000003383

You can update the email address that you use to access Taulia.

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