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Q. How to add a supplier admin for vendor account through Buyer UI?: 000009220

Article Number: 000009220

It sometimes happens that a supplier loses access to the only account that they have enrolled on the Taulia supplier portal. Now you can add a new user to the supplier record either one by one or at bulk using a CSV file. Please find below instructions on how to add a new admin user:

Adding individual users: 

1 - Log into the Taulia Buyer UI with your buyer admin account, at https://login.na1prd.taulia.com/login (NA platform) or https://login.eu1prd.taulia.com/login (EU platform).

2 - Click on Suppliers > Supplier Center

 User-added image

3 - Please select the Supplier Name and the UI will guide you towards an overview of the supplier data on Taulia. 

 User-added image

4 - Please select the exact supplier.

User-added image

5 - Click on Add a Contact and enter email, first name, and last name. You can just Save the contact or save and send an invite to the new user by clicking on the respective buttons.

User-added image

Adding multiple users for different vendors at once using a CSV file:

1 -
Log into the Taulia Buyer UI with your buyer admin account.

2 - Click on Suppliers > Supplier Center.

User-added image

3 - Please select Upload Contacts

User-added image

4 - 
Download the template, enter the needed contacts and upload the file.

User-added image

The fields in the file:

SupplierNumber_RequiredEnter the existing vendor number already enrolled Make sure to add leading zeroes to make the vendor number 10 long. You can do this in Excel by starting the field value with a ',

e.g. '0000123456
EmailAddressEmail address for the new supplier admin
FirstNameFirst name for the new supplier admin
LastNameLast name for the new supplier admin
RoleSet to Admin
ErpClientIdLeave blank
Note: The first row (header) is used to read the csv and needs to remain in the csv.Just a note

5 - The results will show if the uploaded records were processed correctly or not.

 User-added image

If any records are Ignored you can check why by downloading the detailed results.

6 - Search the supplier in the Supplier Center and click on the supplier name to open up the supplier details.

7 - At the bottom of the screen, find the added supplier user and click on the Invite button on the right.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


Q. How do I create a Non-PO invoice (eForm)?: 000003640

Non-PO Invoices are invoices that are billed to your customer without an associated purchase order. Not all customers allow non-po invoicing.

Q. How do I contact my customer through the portal?: 000003470

Use the "Send Message" option to quickly contact your customer through the portal!

Q. How do I merge/combine my Taulia accounts into one?: 000003598

If you have more than one customer using the Taulia Portal and you need access to two or more accounts with the same login, you can combine your customers to one login.

Q. How do I change my Taulia account's email address?: 000003383

You can update the email address that you use to access Taulia.

Q. How do I create an invoice from a purchase order (eFlip)?: 000003324

Create an invoice against a PO through the portal.

Q. How do I update my company/remit/shipment address?: 000003169

Information on how to update your address data.

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