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Q. How do I update my company/remit/shipment address?: 000003169

Article Number: 000003169

Note - This feature may not be available in your portal.

Taulia makes it easy to view and manage your company information from your customer's accounting system. Updates made through the platform are sent to your customer for review and approval. Taulia does not change/manage your company information. The platform only relays information available in your customer's accounting system. Some customers also allow their suppliers to add and update their Address Data, Remit-to Address, Ship-from Address or Ship-To Address through the Taulia platform.

To add/update your address information in the portal, follow the steps below:

1 - From the homepage, go to My Details > Address (if you have more than one vendor account you will need to choose which account you want to view).

User-added image

Important - If you see Apply Change, this means your customer updated your company information in their system. You will need to select Apply Change to show the updated data in the platform. If the information applied is incorrect, just select Update to correct the information. If you complete the update but the old company information is pushed back to the platform, contact your customer directly. 

2 - You can choose to add: Address Data, Remit-to Address, Ship-from Address or Ship-To Address. If you just need to update the current address on file, select Change Address.

  • Remit-to address is used to manage different remit-to addresses if you have more than one. This can then be used from the invoicing screen
  • Ship-from and ship-to address are used to manage multiple shipping addresses. This can then be used from the invoicing screen.

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3 - Update the information that you need in the prompt.

4 - Click Next: Upload required documents.

5 - If updating your company name or address, click Attach File and add supporting documents such as letterhead or other documents that reflect the new company name or address. (which must be in PDF Format)

  • Company letterhead with updated address
  • Signed authorization form with the updated address

6 - Click Review and Save.

7 - Click Complete and Save.

Additional FAQs

How does Taulia receive and handle my company information?

The company information (address, company name, etc.) you see in Taulia comes directly from your customer's accounting system. Taulia is a data vehicle that relays this information to the platform that then allows you to see the company information your customer has for your company. Some customers also allow their suppliers to edit their company name and address through Taulia. The changes are then sent directly to your customer for review and approval.

I changed my company address in Taulia but an old one keeps appearing. What should I do?

Because Taulia only relay information from your customer, if you keep seeing your customer apply an old address back to the platform, you must contact your customer directly to confirm your address in their system.

How do manage ship-to addresses?

When creating an invoice through Taulia, some customers require that you select a ship-to address. You don't have to manually enter the ship-to address every time. You can manage a list of ship-to addresses in the Address configuration page.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


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