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Q. How do I retransfer data in bulk from SAP to Taulia?: 000008750

Article Number: 000008750

Generally Taulia standard interfaces are enough to transfer data from SAP to Taulia. As a standard, the Taulia SAP Add-On automatically pulls new or changed documents and new or changed supplier information for activated suppliers. 

From time to time there may be a need to mass retransfer data from SAP to Taulia. This can be due to various causes, such as: 

  • A new enhancement has been added that will modify data to be sent to Taulia from SAP. (e.g. Need to add delivery note in Purchase Order; Need to add special info in invoice document; Need to add a new classification in supplier master data)
  • There was an incident that caused incorrect/incomplete data in the Taulia Platform.
  • Historical data beyond the “lookback configuration” may need to be triggered for transfer. 

In such cases, a mass retransfer is needed since transferring data one-by-one through Generic Object Services (GOS) is too time consuming.

NOTE: Please exercise caution when using this function since retransferring a large volume of data can cause performance issues if not executed wisely. This transaction is not recommended for general users.

Below are the steps to retransfer multiple objects:

1 - In SAP, execute transaction /n/TAULIA/TRANSFER. The selection criteria for this utility are described below: 
2 - In the selection screen, enter selection criteria for the data that needs to be retransferred, and then click Execute.


3 - A report of the selected data is generated. From the report, select the data that you want to retransfer and then click Add marked ones. Choose Yes in the pop-up window.

User-added image

4 - A confirmation window will appear to confirm how many objects are scheduled for retransferred.

At this point, the action you took will trigger the retransfer of the marked documents from SAP to the Taulia Platform. These objects will be transferred with the capacity and frequency of your normal Taulia interface processes. If you marked a large volume of documents for retransfer, this could take several hours to complete.   

Additional FAQs

Do I need to enter Company Code in the selection screen?
It is not mandatory to fill the company code selection, but it is advisable to do so in order to avoid long processing times and accidental selection of data from incorrect company codes.

How many lookback days should I use?
Lookback days are needed for purchase order, invoice, workflow invoice and payment documents only. Here are some suggestions for identifying a number for lookback days:

  • You need to know the approximate transaction creation dates that you would like to transfer and use that for the calculation. For example, if you know that you want to retransfer all documents created in the past two months, then enter 60 days.
  • If you have an Early Payment program and would like to mass retransfer invoices to ensure that the supplier’s old invoices will be eligible for Early Payment, then you can use the payment term info. For example, if the supplier payment terms are Net 60 days, then enter 60 days.

I only want to transfer data that is missing in the Taulia Platform. How do I do that?
Make sure that you checked the Exclude objects already transferred checkbox on the selection screen.

Why I can’t access this transaction in SAP?
You might not be authorized to execute this transaction. Contact your SAP authorization team or find someone else in your organization that has the authorization to do the retransfer for you.

When should I use this mass retransfer vs. Taulia Generic Object Services (GOS) retransfer?

Use mass retransfer if you need to transfer a lot of documents for specific suppliers that can be selected using a certain number of days. If you need to transfer various documents that are not specific to a certain number of days, it will be better to use the GOS retransfer to do this. You can use FBL1N with the correct selection criteria and then click on display of the invoice/payment document and retransfer using Taulia GOS.

Can I retransfer using a specific document number?
This transaction only allows selection using lookback period. Thus, you can only select on a specific document number AFTER the selection report is displayed (step 3) before marking the objects for retransfer.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


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