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Nissan - Why should I use Nissan's supplier portal?: 000008090

Article Number: 000008090

Better Things Ahead
At Nissan, we are proud of the strong, collaborative relationships we have built with our suppliers and we are continuously looking for new solutions that provide us with better ways to communicate and partner with you.
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Taulia, a market-leading provider of invoice, payment and financial management solutions. The Taulia Supplier Portal provides you with 24/7 visibility into invoice and payment status, eInvoicing capabilities, communicatehensive supplier self-services and the ability to accept early payment offers at no cost to you.
We thank you for your partnership with Nissan Group of North America and look forward to working with you through this exciting new tool.

Everything You Need. All in One Place.
Our new solution is streamlined, robust and integrated with an easy-to-use online platform offering a variety of features that will greatly improve the day-to-day communications and operations of your business.

Easy eInvoicing
Taulia's electronic invoicing service, Inbox by Taulia™, is a fully integrated FREE eInvoicing solution that makes the invoice creation, delivery and management process simple, fast and error-free. Inbox by Taulia offers a wide variety of convenient submission methods, providing a simple and hassle-free way to submit invoices – regardless of your business size or invoice volume. With Inbox by Taulia, you can enjoy free, unlimited eInvoice submission, real-time invoice status confirmation, 24/7 visibility, decreased processing times and early payment offer opportunities from Nissan Group of North America. To learn more about your eInvoicing options, visit http://supplier.taulia.com/einvoicing, or start flipping Purchase Orders into Invoices directly in the portal as soon as you're enrolled.

Make the Most of Your Time
Business transactions with Nissan Group of North America have never been easier than with Taulia's comprehensive supplier self-services. Using the portal, you will have instant access to view the status of purchase orders, invoices and payments in just a few clicks. You will save time with Taulia's real-time communication platform, known as Taulia Collaborate™, where you can inquire about invoices and payments, submit documents for dispute resolution and communicate instantly – all within a secure application. You will also benefit from 24/7 access to submit, edit and maintain your organization's business information, such as contact information, bank account data and tax identification and TIN numbers.

Get Paid When You Choose
Manage your cash flow more efficiently using the Taulia Supplier Portal, which facilitates early payment offers in exchange for invoice discounts. Taulia's innovative early payment platform was designed to provide you with greater control over payment timing, so you can be paid on invoices when it's convenient for you. Proposing early payment offers is simple – just log into the portal, click the My Offers button next to an approved invoice and choose the calendar date that you would like to receive payment on.
You will also have access to the Taulia CashPlanner™ tool, which helps you maximize your cash flow by providing recommendations on which invoices to accelerate for payment, based on a specific dollar amount and date objective you choose.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


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