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We are a technology company dedicated to helping simplify business transactions and increase cash flow through an easy to use platform.

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SendWithUs Early Payment/Cash Flow Email Notifications: 000003659

Article Number: 000003659
Use this article to help you determine if an invoice is paid early via CashFlow or My Offers.

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EARLY_PAYMENT_AUTO_ACCEPTED - Generated when EP is requested before the invoice is approved. You may see this for invoices requested for EP via CashFlow or if the invoice is requested for EP while still "In Process". Invoices requested for EP while "In Process" or if they selected Pay Me Early while creating an invoice will have the Invoice Auto Finance Rate line in the Invoice within Platform Admin. You will need to cross check this information with exact target.

If Invoice Auto Finance Rate is populated and EARLY_PAYMENT_AUTO_ACCEPTED is generated, that means the invoice was requested for EP while "In Process"

If Invoice Auto Finance Rate is blank and and EARLY_PAYMENT_AUTO_ACCEPTED is generated, it means the invoice was paid through CashFlow. Make sure to check the CashFlow email notifications as well in exact target.

EARLY_PAYMENT_ACCEPTED - Generated when EP is requested after the invoice is approved. You may e see this notification for invoices EP requests through My Offers or Cash Planner

EARLY_PAYMENT_AVAILABLE - Generated when an EP offer is generated for an approved invoice(s). 

EARLY_PAYMENT_ONE_TIME_AUTO_ACCEPT - Generated when an invoice is approved for EP if they selected the "Pay Me Early Option" box during invoice creation. The  Invoice Auto Finance Rate line in Platform Admin will be populated.

EARLY_PAYMENT_REJECTED - The EP offer for in an invoice is rejected due to a block or mis-configuration in the buyer's ERP.

Auto_Accept_Early_Pay_Enabled - Use this exact target email notification to determine who enabled CashFlow. Open up the email type and you will see the modifying user, meaning, the
user who enabled/disabled CashFlow on the account.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


Q. How do I contact my customer through the portal?: 000003470

Use the "Send Message" option to quickly contact your customer through the portal!

Q. How do I create a Non-PO invoice (eForm)?: 000003640

Non-PO Invoices are invoices that are billed to your customer without an associated purchase order. Not all customers allow non-po invoicing.

Q. How do I change my Taulia account's email address?: 000003383

You can update the email address that you use to access Taulia.

Q. How do I create an invoice from a purchase order (eFlip)?: 000003324

Create an invoice against a PO through the portal.

Q. How do I update my company/remit/shipment address?: 000003169

Information on how to update your address data.

Q. How do I start/stop receiving email notifications?: 000003472

Use the email notification settings feature to manage your email notifications.

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