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Colgate-Palmolive (Europe, Africa and Eurasia) - Why is my invoice showing an "incomplete" status?: 000008589

Article Number: 000008589

Invoices submitted through the portal passes through certain validation checks. If any of the required validation fails, it will flag the invoice as Incomplete.

Note - It is important to monitor invoices with an incomplete status. It requires additional attention before it can be resubmitted. Unless otherwise stated below, you can contact Colgate-Palmolive AP if you have questions. Use the Send Message feature on an existing invoice to contact AP.

1 - From the homepage, select My Invoices.

2 - Sort for invoices with an Incomplete status using the Invoice Status search option.

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3 - If any, you will see invoices with an Incomplete status. Hover your mouse over the Incomplete status to see the reason why the invoice was not accepted.

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Below is a list of possible reasons why your invoice has an Incomplete status and how to fix it:


  • "Please provide valid Colgate Requestor email address" ==>  For non-po invoices. Check the "Requestor" field and make sure that the email address is a valid Colgate-Palmolive email domain.

  • "Invoice Type Normal/MRKO/FREIGHT/ERS is not allowed" ==> This means the company code you are invoicing does not allow the Invoice Type that you selected. Check the Invoice Type field again. Click here for more information about Invoice Type and additional requirements.

  • "Only <Currency> permitted for this business unit" ==> For Non-PO invoices, only currency agreed upon with the suppliers are allowed. Others will be rejected. Please contact AP if you need additional information. 

  • "Valid PO and PO line is required for Freight/ERS invoice" ==> This means that your non-po invoice is missing PO info in the line item based on your Invoice Type selection. Click here for more information about Invoice Type and additional requirements.

  • "Valid Freight Expense Type required for Freight invoice line"==> For Freight type invoice, from Non-PO invoice section, the Expense Type info selected on the invoice line item is not accepted. Contact Colgate-Palmolive AP.

  • "Delivery Note or Bill of Lading is mandatory for this type of invoice"==> Direct PO Invoice requires the Delivery Note or Bill of Lading for three-way matching purpose. Please provide the Delivery Note or Bill of Lading on the invoice line item(s).

  • "Incorrect Unit Price item <invoice item number>"==>  This may happen when you mix up the amount and unit price. Please change entries for unit price and amount, e. g. instead of 1pc for 1,000€ put 1,000pcs for 1€.

  • "Please submit Invoice using POs unit of measure" ==> Your invoice's Unit of Measure has to have the same UoM as the PO's Unit of Measure. 

  • "Line Item Date is mandatory for this type of invoice" ==> MRKO or ERS Invoice is missing line item's Service Start Date and/or Service End date on the invoice line item(s).

  • "Taxes are not allowed for this purchase.  Please contact the PO Requestor" ==> PO invoice has tax, but PO is not set to accept tax.

  • "Greentax is only allowed for Italy Business Unit" ==> Greentax Special charges are only allowed for Italy invoices. 

  • "Rounding is only allowed for Italy Business Unit" ==> Rounding Special charges is only allowed for Italy invoices. 

  • "Invoice Freight and Handling Charges exceeded the tolerance amount" ==> If you are using the Additional Items feature to include other charges, this means your charge exceeds the special charges tolerance. Contact Colgate-Palmolive AP.

4 - After you determine or fix the cause of the issue, select the gears icon then select Complete. This will then take you back to the invoice creation screen which will allow you to make corrections, and allow you to re-submit the invoice.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


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Create an invoice against a PO through the portal.

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You can manage your account users in the portal and provide different levels of access.

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Check the status of your invoice.

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