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Q. What invoice status information can my suppliers see?: 000008758

Article Number: 000008758

Because Taulia is connected to your accounting system, your suppliers can see the real-time status of their invoices through their Taulia account. Suppliers rely on their Taulia account to gain valuable insights about their future cash flows. In particular, their ability to monitor invoice status enables them to forecast more effectively, without the need to contact you for updates. 

Additionally, If you allow suppliers to submit invoices via Taulia, there may be invoices in a preliminary state which the supplier can see in their Taulia account, but have not yet been entered in your accounting system.

For certain statuses, suppliers have a need to see additional information about the reason for the status. You can provide an Invoice Status Description which allows your suppliers to hover the mouse over the invoice status to see an explanation. 


Depending on the Taulia features you have implemented, certain invoice statuses may not be applicable to your suppliers. 

Any invoice created in your accounting system will display one of the below statuses:

  • In Process - The invoice is entered in your accounting system, but it is not ready for payment. The invoice will retain this status if it is parked, posted with a payment block or remains unapproved in your workflow system. The invoice will also display this status if there is a block on the supplier account. Communicating Invoice Status Description to suppliers is particularly useful in this case.
  • Approved - There is no payment block on the invoice or supplier account and the invoice is fully approved in your third-party workflow tool. Supplier can expect the invoice to be paid on the due date. In the meantime, the supplier may request an early payment if that feature is available.
  • Paid - The invoice has been paid, either by the third party funder (if you offer Supply Chain Finance) or by your accounting system. The payment reference is linked to the invoice.
  • Rejected - You have rejected the invoice in your workflow tool. Communicating Invoice Status Description to suppliers is particularly useful in this case.
  • Cleared - You have used an internal clearing transaction (other than payment) in your accounting system to offset the original invoice value. 
  • Voided - You have cancelled/reversed the invoice in your accounting system. This is usually due to a mistake or duplicate posting which cannot be resolved by changing the document. Communicating Invoice Status Description to suppliers is particularly useful in this case.

invoice rejected status

If you allow suppliers to submit invoices via Taulia, they may see additional invoices in their Taulia account which are NOT in your accounting system. These invoices are in a preliminary state and may have any of the following statuses:

  • Draft - The invoice has been created but is not yet submitted.
  • Submitting - An invoice is in the process of being submitted to your accounting system. This is a temporary status.
  • Pending Review - For invoices submitted via eSend (PDF invoicing via email) or the Invoice Upload feature in the platform. The invoice is received but requires additional information/correction from the supplier. The invoice can be edited and submitted directly in the Taulia Platform at this stage
  • Validation Pending - Invoice is in the process of being validated with the local tax authority. This is a temporary status.
  • Validation Failed - Invoice failed validation with the local tax authority. Invoice must be resubmitted.
  • Incomplete - Any invoice which doesn’t pass custom validations may be returned to the supplier with this status, along with a reason. When the supplier hovers their mouse over the status they can see the Invoice Status Description. They are provided with an opportunity to delete the invoice, or correct and re-submit. Taulia submitted invoices will only be returned as Incomplete if you specified custom validations during your initial Taulia implementation.

invoice status incomplete

Clear status information keeps suppliers better informed about cash flow, helps suppliers fix problems faster and reduces the burden of communication with your suppliers. 

The ability to customize the Invoice Status Description for In Process, Voided or Rejected status may be particularly valuable if you are using an ERP-integrated workflow solution which may offer customized reason codes. By harnessing the codes included within the solution you can provide suppliers with meaningful information via the Taulia Platform – thereby avoiding time-consuming communications with suppliers.

Additional FAQs 

I am not using the Invoice Status Description feature. How do I implement it?
Contact Taulia Technical Services to get the ball rolling and we will provide further details of the process.

I am already using the Invoice Status Description feature, but I get a lot of questions from suppliers seeking clarification. How do I improve the feature? 
Even if you are already using the tool, there may be opportunities to communicate with suppliers more effectively. Evaluate whether the status descriptions you are using are as meaningful as they can be from your suppliers’ point of view – is it clear where the error lies, and what the supplier needs to do to fix it? If not, you can contact Taulia Technical Services for suggestions about logic and wording.

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


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