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Best practices to secure Taulia accounts.: 000010635

Article Number: 000010635

Account administrators and company IT can do a lot to ensure only the right people have access to their account at the Taulia Portal and possess the right privileges.

We would like to share our best practices for securing customer accounts and performing security reviews:
- Administrators should regularly review the list of users associated with the account. and reviewing each account to ensure:

  • If there are any accounts that look to be on a shared email address, we strongly encourage you to remove these accounts and set up individual named accounts. Never share passwords for accounts across users for any reason.
  • Review the roles associated with each user to ensure they have the least access necessary for their job. Especially review Admins on the account, and ensure only required users are set up as Admins. See this article for Roles access rights.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for yourself and encourage other users to do the same. We strongly advise that you enable the setting that will require all users on your account to activate 2FA on their next login. See this article for information on how to enable 2FA.
  • Only corporate email addresses should be used for accounts. If personal email addresses are used, we strongly encourage you to work with the users to change to corporate emails addresses.

- If your company has an IdP (Identity Provider), we encourage you to set up SSO (Single Sign-On) for your account. You should engage your IT team as well as Taulia Support for assistance with that. If you can’t set up SSO, then you should incorporate updated Taulia users' access into your IT off-boarding process for people who leave your company.
- While the Admin users should be kept at a minimum, we encourage you to have at least 2 Admin users, to ensure no Admin is a single point of failure.
- Install an antivirus software and keep it updated always.
- Clear your Cache memory regularly. 
- Do not use the “Save Password” feature in your web browser. We do not recommend this feature. 
- We encourage you to use more complex and longer passwords containing digits and special characters. 

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New to Taulia? There’s a guide for that! Let us guide you so you can quickly get started.


Q. How do I merge/combine my Taulia accounts into one?: 000003598

If you have more than one customer using the Taulia Portal and you need access to two or more accounts with the same login, you can combine your customers to one login.

AR Financing Receivables Invoice Upload: 000010700

Easily upload new invoices to Taulia for AR financing.

Q. How do I view PO, invoice or payment information by business unit/branch location?: 000003608

Purchase orders, payments and invoices are typically linked to a customer's "branch", "business unit" or "location".

Q. How do I create an invoice from a purchase order (eFlip)?: 000003324

Create an invoice against a PO through the portal.

Q. What is my vendor number?: 000003517

Your vendor information is accessible under My Details in the portal.

Q. How do I change user roles?: 000003385

Please note that only account admins have the ability to manage users and change user roles.

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